As I grow up (I am now 29), I like to keep a notebook of the lessons I’m learning.

Some months, it’s almost like I have none! That’s usually when I’m in the trenches of experiencing and am too dense-headed to be grateful for the lessons.

Other months, I feel like I am combo-breaking a video game and learning from every experience. Those months, my notebook is too long to share.

To keep it interesting, I’ll try sharing five lessons at a time, every month.

They’re curated, that way!

You don’t have to suffer the same obvious lessons that I do, and I’m holding myself accountable to learn at least a few lessons while I’m bumbling about.

Here we go!

  1. If you find yourself submerged into this ocean of self-doubt again, remember that you’ll also surface from the depths and breathe again. You can then show others below the surface how to emerge.
  2. Take care of your things, with love. Take care, take care, take care. Guard your heart, mind, and soul.
  3. There are days you will wake up playing a game that you can’t win. Remember: there’s nothing wrong with you existing, like this, in the present moment. You can only lose if there’s right and wrong.
  4. You don’t have to listen to anyone or anything. Including “yourself”.
  5. Decide what you want and then make it work.

Words that broke open the walls

Healing comes in waves and I’m going under

A word is a word is a word is a word, your word is your word and I think it’s absurd…

Turn your face to the infinite moment / Drop the walls behind your eyes / The armor in your heart / Lay down your weaponized invulnerability / And let the infinite take you over and under